How to Hang Shelves. My Experience with shelves from IKEA

I recently bought the shelves at IKEA, and there is a need to hang them on their own in the kitchen. Now his experience I want to share with your readers. For work, we need these tools: stud finder, screwdriver, level, pencil and screws.
Order to shelf do not fell when we put dishes on it, we need firmly mount on the wall. To do this, we need to find a stud, which is located behind the wall. It will help us to deal with it stud finder. Moving stud finder smooth movement of the wall tool will give you a signal when it finds the stud. I use Zircon e50-FFP, and if you still don’t have this tool recommend read stud finder reviews before the purchase.
Then find the second stud with a stud finder and make a mark on the wall. After it with using level make all your marks are horizontally and are not skewed to one side. When all marks made can be screwed to the bracket.


When the bracket is already firmly fixed on the wall, you can hang it on the shelf. I have all turned out very simple and functional. if anyone is interested I buy this shelves.
And how do you organize the kitchen space?